Fear or Faith

Fear is the proof of absolute absence of your faith in God and divine love

You attract whatever you fear

the object of fear occupying your mind creates a powerful magnetism to attract the fulfillment of that fear
if true faith in God occupies your mind - what else but Divinity and love could be in your mind
what else but divinity and Love could you ever attract ??

switching between fear and faith is like switching light on or off,
like looking to the left or to the right
you can achieve it instantly and permanently
always focus forward to God - to Love
anything else will instantly dissolve in the divine power of God's Love

Fear is the absence of faith in God
the opposite of God
it grows in darkness
but when light and Love comes - it is already gone
fear can kill and still is out of reach
fear is like vacuum - it is nothing where Love belongs
fear is the absence of willingness to love

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