Mind, fantasy and action need to be same

If your fantasy is different from your action
If your wishes are different from your actions
If your plans and thoughts are different from your actions
then your life is a failure.

If your sexual fantasies are different from your words and actions,
then you are a divorce waiting to happen.

Sexuality is a infinitely wide field of loving action to be enjoyed and lived by both actively for all eternity.

Whatever you do in life,
your inside and your outside need to be one and the same.
Else you have a split personality,
wishing, desiring or hoping to be different from the reality you actually have created and realized.

In such situation,
use common sense.

If your desires, wishes, thoughts and fantasies are of loving nature for all involved,
then realize all your dreams and fantasies with your own efforts.

If your thoughts or fantasies include behavior that might be harmful or hurting to some or many,
then surrender such fantasies to God and re-focus on loving goals in life.

Sexual fantasies are a world of love,
love always needs to create true happiness in all
true love only can create happiness in all hence your sexual fantasies are what you and your partner may need most,
to heal and to deepen your love relationship for life and beyond.

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