Failure in life

Failure to succeed is no proof that your path is wrong
failure also may be the result of you skipping or short cutting too many lessons given
or your failure may be the result of too weak efforts,
or having too many different activities and priorities in life.

If you want to succeed on your path of love to God,
there is no need to fight all the darkness on earth,
nor to fight all the dark forces in politics or economy.

But there is need to stop to support darkness directly or indirectly,
by using or working for companies destructive to human life and planet.

Do whatever you do - but do ALL and do it right - every step
and do with all the power of your heart, soul and body whatever you do.

To work for both sides,
to have an open door to heaven and to hell,
to do business with evil
and use the profits to pay for your return to God
is impossible to achieve
either you love
or you fail to love
there is no little loving.

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