Live, work and enjoy happy life in God made nature

Life in God made beautiful nature

Useful loving work is the key to happiness in life

Some love to live and work in mountains
others in jungle
others on islands near ocean and jungle.

God's purpose of life - make happy to be happy

God made millions of different locations
all offer abundance of work and food potential
all offer an opportunity to build your own happy home
all by yourself
with a couple of best friends
a home made with love for each other
helping each other
loving each other
in God blessed communities of loving humans enjoying to make happy
fully integrated into God made nature with all is healing power and abundance
nature with all its free adventures, fun and excitement
for kids and adults alike
all eternity
you just need to learn to qualify for a life in freedom
as a free and strong human
made of love
made to love
with an opportunity to work = to make you feel useful - to make you feel lovable
to be ready to be loved and enjoying to be loved
with a right to make happy
in exchange for the right to be happy.

Imagine a life without making happy

A life you never have the joy of looking into the happy sparkling eye of a happy wife or happy husband in love with you.

A life you never have the joy of hearing the screaming of joy by happy children.

A life you never have the joy of seeing happy people smiling at you as a result of enjoying what you do for them with love from the very bottom of your heart and soul.

A life without making others happy
is a life empty of any value at all
a life of wasting resources
a life just being a molesting burden to society, to others, to all,
eating food, consuming resources, creating pollution
and no fun, no happiness, no value of any kind to anyone but you alone
while living from thousands of products and resources created by all loving ones.

A happy life requires true love

A happy life requires true love between husband and wife and true caring love for all others, for all planet, all nature, all creation and to care for God's happiness as well.

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