Love your Enemies

- Your "enemies" teach you to love
- when you have learned to love all of them
- when you have learned to love ALL
- when you have learned to wish but love, desire but love, do but love
- then you are ready to come home

I am within all your "enemies"

because all is made by me - All made of me

all is alive through me
when you beat your "enemies" - you beat me
when you hate your" enemies" - you hate me
when you punish your "enemies" - you punish me
when you love your "enemies" - you love me

Why love your enemies ?

- all hate against your enemies separates you from loved ones
- all reproaches against enemies is between you and loved ones
- what ever you carry in your heart is between you and God
- hence loving your enemies means freeing your heart for loved 
ones and for God

dissolve in love any rejection and be free for love to find your loved one

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