Relationship between ego and soul

The relationship between ego and soul
is like the relationship between life threatening illness and your body.
A soul's needs always take precedence over ego!

Your health is a direct reflection of your spirituality.
The weaker your ego, the stronger your soul's impact on your life,
and the better your physical and emotional health as well.

What do you chose?

To give right and free passage to illness to destroy and eventually kill your body to destroy your life, fun, joy of life, pleasure of life and even endanger your soul,


To do whatever it takes to maintain health and dissolve all illness?

Your soul wants to be healthy and FREE,
free from ego-illness,
free to enjoy life
free to return home to God,
free to do what ever, where ever

Any and every activity on earth serves but ONE single purpose,
to teach application of love in absolutely ALL situations of life
and to practice love even under the most difficult or stormy conditions in life.

If your job or industry you work for offers no 24/7/365 use of pure divine love,
then your job or industry serving the darkness in God's creation,
to distract you from efficiently returning into God given freedom.

Only week ones succumb to darkness of this world,
that is why we have every now and then a few God sent ones,
to assist, to teach and to guide you out of darkness,
to teach you growing stronger in your love than darkness.

If you fail to recognize and follow a God sent one,
then you fall back into darkness,
until your desire for freedom and your hunger for love,
makes you aware of your one single priority in life,
that brings you home into the world of love.

No God sent one has a duty to accept you or to help you,
his offer of love and guidance is a gift for you to accept or decline.

Jesus was and is God sent, on this planet many times under different names and different eras.

The requirements by Jesus to bring you home to his father in heaven
were as clear as they are now,
full love or nothing at all.
Full proof of your love for needy, weak, helpless and poor ones,
in your entire life, job, business, politics and at home in family and love life.

Just as you need to qualify for university or college attendance,
you need to qualify to be taught and guided by Jesus.
Absolute readiness to love in all situations toward all,
to forgive all and reconcile with all is the only but full requirement.

To be guided and taught by Jesus needs no books, no email, no Internet,
just an open loving heart, open for God
and a sincere prayer of love to God


A loving heart silently calling for love and help,
without knowing God nor Jesus,
a loving heart alone always is recognized by Jesus and his heavenly father,
to come into your life,
into your heart and soul
and guide you safely home to God on a path of love.

God even recognizes the loving heart of all atheists
and brings all home who wish but to love for all eternity!

Here this planet is a school of rehabilitation and cure,
to learn to love and only to learn to love!

When rehabilitation successfully completed,
then soul returns to freedom in God
without body-imprisonment!

A soul in a body
is like a genie in a bottle.

If bottle breaks for good,
then genie free and happy for good.

Whatever happens to your ego and to your body,
is of ZERO importance to soul,
as long as ego dissolved for good.

Ego can be dissolved in love
ego can be broken in disaster and/or accidents created by your self created karma released upon you.
The freedom to chose between path of love and path of selfishness always was and is your own free choice.

Ego needs body,
soul needs NO body,
soul never needed body!
ONLY ego needs body.

All those with little or no more ego die!
Means body dies,
for the conscious soul to get another chance to learn to love without body,
or to directly return home to God.

Such maturity in love may occur at any age and only is a matter of spiritual maturity to love and nothing but to love in all situations of life.

Some ego need accidents and disasters,
smaller ones first,
increasing in intensity if ego persists,
some ego need even loss of all,
until ego weak
and soul gains control of body,
too speed up learning and create efficient rehabilitation from ego-illness
and enjoy God given freedom soonest and forever.

Soul is self containing, self conscious, fully aware and fully God realized and permanently connected to God.

Your real life starts,
your mind becomes clear
your awareness full
after the death of your body
after a successful life learning and practicing to love,
when your soul has regained full control over ego or ego fully dissolved in love.

For all others failing to graduate in love,
a new situation may be created
to protect the world of love from ego illness and destruction by ego.

A death may mean you have learned to love
and are ready to progress on your way home to God on a path of love,
a death may mean that your ego has become a danger even in the world of darkness for all those progressing home toward God.

Some ego are more evil than devil.
Hence solutions are created to protect all God searching, love learning ones from excessive evil in their lives.

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