Thousandfold lotus - Divine personality

Divine personality is manifested in the full opening of the thousandfold lotus, the Sahasraram chakra.

thousandfold lotus
Thousandfold lotus as a reflection of divine personality

When you withdraw water from flowers - then the petals die and later on the entire flower. When you withdraw love from humans or disconnect humans from the source of love - then humans die.

The first manifestation of the lack of love is the closing of the Sahasraram chakra. the thousandfold lotus in full "blossom" is the fully developed divine personality or holistic divinity.

Like a lotus flower or rose flower has many petals to make a full blossom - the human being has many aspects of divine personality that need to be healed and developed before the thousandfold lotus is radiating its divine power again.

To name all various aspects of divinity and to teach all individually may take thousands of years of teaching and practicing ... hence many lifetimes. One most powerful method however can develop all petals of your thousandfold lotus at once in harmonious development within a single lifetime - the path of divine love. Divine love heals all aspects of ego to turn your ego into divinity - provided you can surrender all at once to God, provided you can surrender all your life to God and focus on love and apply nothing else but true divine love in all situations of life.

By opening for God's love during the true practice of the holy science of Kriya Yoga - God's entire divine personality will flow into you and God's love will heal all aspects of divinity gently but powerfully until you are made to the image of God again. Like giving a half lame flower a bath in cool fresh water for a few hours - a bath in God's love by being ONE with God will revive all our divine aspects that are lost after our long journey into darkness and the world of selfishness.

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