Death is love graduation day

Life on earth is like going to school
one day at a time, step by step, class by class all students graduate
and leave school to enjoy free professional life and exciting adventures of life.

Graduation is the start enjoying real life
in real life real learning starts
as learning for real life progresses, happiness and fun increases in life
then is graduation day in our love school
some call it "death"
in reality death is but successful graduation in love
successful for all those who learned all lessons of love,
freeing you to enjoy true love and happy life at home in God.

Those who failed to focus on love lessons
and thus failed to learn to love
and did business or career or profit making or political monkey business instead,
may fail on love graduation day
death then becomes a moment to change paths, to part from friends and loved ones
some move on toward a world of love in God
others repeat love lessons on earth or elsewhere,
just like at school for kids.

All those who fail love graduation,
get a free pass to repeat love school on earth or elsewhere
that is called reincarnation.

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