Christmas pardon

To enjoy Christmas blessings from God to you,
you need to first practice a full Christmas pardon toward all,
including yourself!

That Christmas pardon is needed to clear your heart and soul before receiving your Christmas blessings.

Such Christmas pardon needs to be done in legal correct and final way else it is null and void.

Now, today is the best time to sincerely and most intensely prepare and execute your Christmas pardon.

Debts need to be forgiven
lawsuits need to be dropped
fines need to be refunded
penalties need to be erased
else it is no pardon at all.

Any charge you have in your heart, soul or legally against anyone,
you also have pending against yourself,
thus separating you from God and from God's blessings.

Never ask for God's blessing while at war against one of God's children!

You only can receive God's Christmas pardon and Christmas blessings for yourself, if you also can ask for a full Christmas pardon and Christmas blessings for all others on earth, including all your enemies and ex-partners.

Merry Christmas for all

Loving heart

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