Children and parents
Children and their relationship to parents

you the Children of this Parents,

one day during a previous incarnation or in the astral worlds or near me
you may have created the desire or the karma
to visit just that particular family
your very parents
from among all the choices on earth this family is the very best possibility
- the most loving one among all the other options

it was your own free choice to reincarnate
my eternal Love for you always welcomed you in your divine and eternal home in me
never ever have I asked any of my children to leave me or to go to any planet away from me
it always was your own free choice to do so
hence all that results is the result of your very own free choice

you may have been your present parents previous parents in one of their previous incarnations
hence your present parents may be the product of your very own parenting, your very own previous education

or you may have loved them
while seeing how much your present parents have got lost in my creation
how much they forgot who they are and always have been
how much they forgot where they true home is
how much they forgot who their real father / mother is

find out the sole reason of your present incarnation
why you selected this very parents as your present parents
what karma needs to be dissolved in Love
what you can learn from this very parents
how you can help this very parents
love your present parents and help them to find their way home to me by coming yourself home again
before or after your parents do so

Love your Parents and allow them to Love you
please keep in mind that while you never asked your parents to make you - your physical body,
it is only you - you have either created the karma or you have made the decision to come to your present parents home
you have selected this family for a very particular reason of your own
you could as well have come home to your eternal home in me
always keep in mind where your true and eternal home is - in God !
always keep in mind who your true father / mother is
your true and eternal home always is in me
I always love you, I always did so and always will do so - eternally

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