When a child is born into a difficult family

When a child is born
into difficult family or difficult social environment,
it always is with full consent of God
and thus also with full loving guidance and protection by God.

Thus all future karma and family situation of that child
matches the personal karma of the reincarnating soul
and also matches the learning potential to properly and successfully handle by that soul.

The choice of where to re-incarnate is either the full and only decision of that soul
or a combination of soul's choice with God's guidance for best choice.

To have a child in a particular situation
always means God is guiding that child with love
to spiritually grow and mature in love
to love more than ever before
and/or to dissolve existing karma and learn pending spiritual lessons
left undone from earlier incarnations.

The ultimate goal of every incarnation on earth
always is to guide all souls home to God
by the end of this or any soonest future lifetime.

Any return home however always needs to be done on the basis of free own choice
own free choice by each and every soul.

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