Careless moments

In 8 hrs of wrong daily money earning work,
you can do much more damage to creation than one full lifetime of good work can compensate for.

Clean lake

In one single moment you can pollute the drinking water of an entire province
that may take thousands of years to purify by nature
meanwhile millions of people may suffer all kinds of incurable or expensive or life threatening illnesses
because of one single person being one single moment empty of love, supporting wrong industry or doing mindless action with an empty heart.

Careless actions
actions of people choosing easiest work
actions of people choosing most convenient path of life
actions of people who avoid tough decisions for own ego
actions of people who prefer to "kiss ass" of superiors instead of doing what is right for heart and soul,
easily may do manifold damage to our planet, to nature and to mankind
and thus to all creation.

Such damage may take thousands of years, trillions of dollars and sacrifice of billions of humans or more to correct, just because of people with superficial mind lacking sincere love for all. Careless people are a danger to creation, that is why such people temporarily got another - may be last - chance here on earth to correct mindset and implement a change of heart.

To be a human of integrity and trustworthiness to God and all mankind,
you need to have the strength and self discipline to always and at any cost to ego and laziness do whatever is best for all planet and all creation for a purely holistic point of view.

Stop doing what makes your life easy
and start doing what is right for your heart and soul and for God and all creation.

To truly love means to really care about all parts of creation,
to mind all aspects of life
and to always and in all parts of life do the best possible for all no matter the effort of cost to ego!

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