Bible and Books
you either read a book or in God

why learn from printed scriptures when you can learn from me
from the source of all
dwelling deep inside you
flowing through you and through all
ever since

no one ever became a Saint from reading the holy scriptures of this world
but many became Saints by practicing what's written in holy scriptures
and many became Saints by practicing what has been told by living Saints on earth
many became a Saint by following the living sample of those coming on earth with all my Bliss and Love
if you fail to believe living Saints of mine
how can you believe printed books of yours

the more knowledge you accumulate
- the more separates you from Divine and absolute Truth and Divine Consciousness

all you keep in mind, separates you from me
the more you learn to more separates you from Love
Love is the key to my home for you
Love never can be learned
Love always existed within you
the source of Love always dwelled within
waiting to be poured to the outside
to flow through all of yours and back to me

reading inspiring books may be helpful,
it takes a few hours to read an inspiring book
another few hours to re-read it,
a few days, weeks, months or years to understand it
and a lifetime to practice it

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