A better world after you or without you?

Orchid garden
Do you create lasting beauty or pollution?

Imagine you die tomorrow and have but a few hours left to make changes and to review your life. Ask yourself:

If YES to all above, then you know your life made sense. You had a purpose and fulfilled your purpose on earth. You learned and created true and lasting values for God's creation. Your life had a purpose for you and for all others around you.

If you have actively improved love on earth in your life,
If you opened hearts, healed hearts and souls,
then you know how to maintain loving peace for eternity,
then you may be ready to return home to God for good,
for all eternity live in a world of love among loving ones and in absolute freedom.

Then it is time to surrender all to God whatever is left to do. Others also need to learn to love and prove love beyond smallest doubt. Hence others now on earth or following later may need jobs and problems to solve while learning to love and proving to love.

To surrender to God when God reaches out his love to uplift you home requires you to give all to God, your memories, your unfinished jobs or projects of today and all your life. God reaches out his loving hand when God recognizes your sincere continuous efforts to heal, to love, to help, to share and to make happy. Whatever jobs or bills are open that day belong to God and God dissolves or forwards to whoever needs such lessons while learning and proving love on earth.

The only lesson on earth where to:

If you practice Kriya Yoga and can say a sincere YES to above, then you are ready for Maha Samadhi, provided you practice Kriya Yoga deep and properly over extended periods of time with most loving intensity.


If you answered to any or all above NO, what did you do in your life?

If so, then you may have to consider that this world without you might have been a better world than with you. That without you there may have been less environment pollution than with you. That without you may have been less war or less social tension than with you. That without you may have been less wasteful life of others than with you.

If you had a guest house or resort as a family home with many empty rooms and empty space in your garden. Would you love and enjoy inviting such people to stay with you in your own family home for ever? To share your meals, your life, your home. Would you love all your children to be married to such kind of humans? Would you feel comfortable, happy and at ease with only such kind of humans around you for all eternity?

Would you feel comfortable to go an a one year vacation without communication with your loved ones at home, leaving all your children with your guests or would you fear that they abuse your home and turn all into a disaster like this planet currently is?

If NO, what would you change if you had enough time left to make final corrections to your life? Then do it - all!

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