Become aware

Review your love for all and become aware of your own real situation and position in God's creation.

The millions of stars at night remind you of the micro tiny size of our world
and of how unimportant our planet MAY be compared to God's entire creation
if making troubles and going to war at each other,
is all we know to do in sunny days or romantic nights.

If our planet disappears in God's creation
it's like if ONE single sand corn on the beach in Florida disappears for good.

No one really ever will notice
no one ever really will miss this planet of warriors.

Unless you have ONE or more beings in heaven who care about you
for the love you have created and manifested while here on earth.

No loving being ever misses war or warriors
but some do miss love and loving ones.

It always is up to you how you are remembered and if someone is missing the love you actually gave and give by your actions of love and happy making
beyond words and promises.

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