Because of you woman

Because of you woman, a man gets dirty and works hard,
until his body tired and aching
until he dies
until he dies before you when he gets too little love from you,
because of you,
the woman he calls his wife.

A man works in mines, on construction sites, in farm fields and forests,
at sea and in mountains,
in snow, rain and hail,
in hot or freezing
because of you woman.

A man works until tired and all body aches
because of you woman.

A man descends into sewage and garbage, into mud and dangers
because of you woman.

A man works in freezing weather and stormy seas
because of you woman.

A man risks his health and life
because of you woman.

You, the woman who he calls his wife,
to support your own family, parents, brothers
and all your own loved ones you brought into your own new family,
with the man who does all for you
for love
for love for the woman and family he cares about
to have a happy family,
a happy wife
with sparkling eyes
in love with her very own husband.

You the woman who says NO and refuses to kiss or hug
when your man comes home from heavy work all day long
dirty from top to toe
because he worked all day long for you - the woman he feels to be his wife
and when he arrives at home
dirty from the dirt his love created
to make you happy
to offer you the lifestyle you deserve and wished for
you should HUG, kiss and love him all the way
for working all day long hard, dirty, tiring, until all body aches.

Instead of sending him into shower or bath
before giving him hug or kiss or making love.

May be you hug and love your man you once chose to be your husband
and then you tell him
come my love, I shower and bath you
I care for you until all your body healed from all the daily work.

Instead of giving him detergent, a rough wash cloths and brush to wash his aching body,
to get all the traces of one full day loving work - you call dirt out of his body ...

The loving wife takes her sweet soft hands and washes her angel man from top to toes with love
and then you love, hug and kiss him again
to heal his heart and soul
from all the injures you caused the many times you said NO to your man, you chose as husband.

So many times you said NO,
despite the fact that on wedding day you said and promised TO GOD a YES
a YES to your husband given by God for this entire lifetime!

Of course there are other men, other husbands, but HERE I mean the hundreds of millions working on farms,
construction sites, at sea, forest worker, rescue worker, caring and healing, helping and society supporting men,
who often have but one wish
a loving wife who just says YES to love
and means what she says
and keeps her promise made to God
to love you!

The man willing from the bottom of his heart to make all the additional efforts
of hardship, danger and dirty work worthy,
to come home to a wife who shows her happiness and joy by hugging, loving, kissing her lover
then taking care of his tired body
with healing angel woman love, caring gentle love
God put into your heart and soul
to compensate for all the hard work necessary to maintain a loving working peaceful human society as one loving family made by God, a family of love, made to love and to make each other happy.

Be a sexy wife, sweet loving caring
and you find the most loving man is the one at your side
the one God gave you for this lifetime
to give you a chance to learn and practice true love
for later
when you return home to God
to meet the one husband made by God for you.

He may be the one in this life,
the one you so often said NO
or he may be far away or waiting at home in God
because you said one times too many NO to your angel husband made by God.

God created man and woman
to be caring loving sweet happy making husband and wife.

If however a wife says NO
God has the right to take your husband home
to leave you alone one full lifetime
or whatever left
to give you peace without husband
to give you a life without a man to say NO
to give you a life you can do whatever makes you happy
harvesting money, titles, positions, fans, ...

Until you realize that there is one and only one
who can really make you feel like a woman
happy as a woman in love
the one you said one times too many NO.

To find him again,
you have to return home to God
and promise to God
to love your husband all eternity
from the very bottom of your heart and soul.

Once you lost your husband
you lost him for good
or until you go home to God
and ask God:

Please give me a loving husband
I want to be the most loving wife for him

for ever and ever
in good times and in darkness
from heaven to hell and back to heaven
to be at his side
to be in his heart
to share his life
whatever he does to make God's entire creation a world of love again
and to keep all creation a world of love.

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