Beautiful woman - natural beauty made by God

A woman is made beautiful by nature.

The more love a woman absorbs the more her beauty is maintained and blossoming all life,
and the less make up a woman needs to hide missing love.

Make up only needed when love missing,
a woman in love always is beautiful.

If a woman's beauty gone, then there was no true love in life.

To absorb love a woman needs to be open to accept love.
To absorb love a woman needs to be offered an ocean of love.
To absorb all love she needs and enjoys every day and every moment of life.
A little loving now and then never is enough to remain beautiful.
To love means to share, to heal, to help, to make happy and to have happy sex
to absorb also means to swallow, all else would be rejecting.
To love all life long as a full time job.

Every woman needs every day a little Valentine's Day love.
A man's love is the magic beauty potion for every woman.

To love, to be loved and to enjoy love by
practicing love every day all possible ways from work to romance,
is an eternal way or life - to be healthy and happy together as a family of love.

Love is God made beauty potion and God made medicine
free to all, fun for all - a gift of love from God.

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