Be part of the solution

When you want to be part of the solution,
when you ready to work for God with love,
then you will become a source of solutions of love
for all in need of God's love and help.

If God would do all your work and help,
then you never could get the feeling
of being useful, helpful or lovable.

By giving you the opportunity to become part of the solution
as God's assistant and as God's apprentice of love
God also gave you an opportunity to become a grown up
adult child of God
instead of remaining eternally a little angel baby
in need of eternal pampering and help.

Hence God's offer of millions of useful jobs
including all caring or helping jobs in times of war, disaster or crisis
is your path to grow stronger with each job you do for God
strong enough to have some day your own family
secured by your own power of love
always all connected to God
listening to God
accepting God's help, advice, guidance and love when ever needed
but as adults
having earned the right to eternal freedom and having acquired the maturity to have fun and enjoy love and life
always for the benefit of all creation
and always in full harmony with God and all creation of love

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