Autonomy as a means to social peace

The key to lasting peace in a situation of manifold mentalities,
tribes, religions, sectarian groups, etc across an entire country
is to give full autonomy to each and all
and to limit the impact of central government and national law
to representation of all groups toward global community
and fair and honest distribution of all international revenues
and revenue from national resources among all members of a national family.

If autonomy for a region, tribe or culture within a particular country is insufficient to create social peace, then full independence may be the next step to grant. The vote on autonomy or independence only shall be from the direct population in question and never from an entire nation. No majority ever shall have the power do decide over the future and wellbeing of any minority.

God gave freedom to all,
that includes the freedom to group
or the freedom to separate.

God given freedom thus also includes the right of any minority inside a country to opt for autonomy or complete independence from that country.

No group, no authority of any level nor any organization of any kind ever has the power to override the law of God or restrict God given freedom given to all humans as a gift of love Millions of years ago when mankind was still living at home in God.

Autonomy of course requires a high degree of self financed, self created self sustainability for all major needs of daily life such as drinking water, food, healthcare, education to maintain a happy, healthy social life within an autonomous group of free people or free communities or tribes. Hence the right to freedom also includes the responsibility to be free from dependency and to have acquired a high degree of reasonable self sustainability.

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