Attachment to good karma may result in reincarnation

Bad action create bad karma that might force to reincarnate.

Good action may create attachment and thus again may force to reincarnate.

Only if you do just for love just to make others happy
and surrender ALL to God,
freedom is achieved and NO attachment at all
resulting in no need for reincarnation after a live of loving actions.

If you wait for applause
if you wait for gratitude
if you wait for reward
if you wait for recognition
for all the good actions of love you did,
you still are attached to your good actions
and thus create karma to reincarnate.

To receive applause, titles, rewards or recognition of any kind,
you need body on earth and another lifetime to receive what you expect,
hence you need one or many reincarnations just to enjoy your good karma.

Only if in your innermost attitude, heart and soul
you do all you do just to make others happy
just to ease others' life
just to create a smile
just to make God's children free, strong and happy,
then only can you surrender all to God
and enjoy freedom inside and outside
including freedom from any future reincarnation.

The ultimate goal in eternal life
is a life free from karma of either kind.

A life of love - just for the fun of love
A life of love - just for the fun of making others happy.

Only love

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