All enemies killed

When you have killed your last enemy
then you have successfully closed your last door to God.

When women have divorced all husbands
then women have successfully divorced all doors to God.

When men have divorced all wives
then men have successfully divorced all doors to God.

What you kill is what you need to learn to love
what you divorce or reject most
is what you need to love most
to find your open door to God.

All those you consider enemies
and all those you reject
are all the lessons of love God gave you.

After you shut all God given doors
or killed all God given doors
or divorce your ex wife / ex husband
you have to create your own doors of love home to God.

God is Love
thus God give you the freedom to create new doors of love
to prove true love beyond any smallest doubt
and hence to love yourself home to God by your self created own path of love
with your own efforts
using your own resources
all God given doors have been a gift of love
free for you - paid by God.

Every opportunity in life requires efforts to create
and often also substantial resources or money to create
and most of the time the collaboration of others ...
others willing to help you by serving God for your spiritual benefit.

Sometimes your enemies are God sent sometimes wrong wife or wrong husband is God sent to make you aware of your very own wrong doing in past!

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