Activism is a hidden form of war

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There is a path of love
and there are many paths of war.

Mental war, emotional war, physical war direct or indirect wars.

Activists want to stop wrongdoing by using phrases like: NO to nuclear power
STOP whaling
and similar.

Hence activists are against certain industries or activities

Then there are mixed activists using phrases like: YES to renewable energy (instead of NO to nuclear power), etc meaning solar power, bio fuel or windmills, ... with possible results in below examples.

Examples of activists' slogans and their ultimate results

The path of love is a path of wisdom
to dissolve wrong doing by adding love
to create results in full harmony with nature, with God and for the benefit of ALL.

Love however may lead to results such as

Developing love leads to wise results

While many alternate paths chosen by activism may end in another wrong social, economical or political system such as capitalism, socialism, communism all failed. The development of true love eventually leads to a clearer and stronger wisdom among all mankind.

Love dissolves wrong ideas for the benefit of a few and opens to new perspectives of solutions beneficial to all for all eternity beyond this short lifetime on our tiny planet earth. Love above all dissolves our need for substitutes. Much of what mankind on earth does is a substitute for true love in relationships and family.

If true love in a life missing, then the feeling of being lovable, love-worthy missing - hence the attempt to grow and succeed in ever larger projects, high tech gadgets and other love substitutes to create at least for hours, days or weeks some kind of HIGH feeling inside or a feeling of WOW - excitement or kind of happiness.

If true love prevails in a society - human or non-human - then all love-substitutes have lost attraction. There is nothing ever to replace the feeling of being loved by another human partner or an entire family with added friends and loved ones in a happy community.

To find wise solutions by means of activism may last near eternity

Mankind has two essential methods to learn:

  1. Learning from mistakes. Mistakes are expensive, time consuming and often painful.
  2. Learning by developing divine love and thus being open for God and God's inspiration to directly do the most loving possible without all the pain and expenses resulting from mistakes. This is the most direct - instant - method to learn and progress in life. There are many spiritual lessons for life to help you step by step to awaken and strengthen your love potential in your own life.

Wisdom is the power to consider ALL aspects

Wisdom results from expanding love that dissolves all selfishness and all warrior attitude. A wise man can look back Billions of years in evolution and Trillions of years into future and thus can see all possible results from a particular choice to be made today.

True absolute wisdom only arises when one with God and absolute love potential fully developed. Kriya Yoga properly practiced leads to an ever expanding wisdom until one with God.

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