Importance of accepting love

Somebody wants to say "I love you"
or show his love for you by any of the many possible means ...
Do you actually have time?

To give love is a privilege and NO duty
a privilege that requires a willing recipient having time for our love.

In past weeks we have learned to give love, to share our love with needy ones.

We also have encountered situations
where potential recipients rejected our gifts of love.

Thus we now should know the importance
of receiving love in our entire human society.

To receive love above all
requires us to have time for love or make time for love
a yes to an invitation for dinner or lunch
an invitation for a simple drink or coffee
or an hour sitting together, talking together
or simply being together
or walking home from school or work together
or a hug from someone who felt the need to give love
for him/her to feel good.

How do you feel if someone rejects your love
or finds excuses to avoid a date or loving time together??

That exactly is the same way others feel
when we avoid or reject their offer to love us.

Loving you may be an essential healing for someone else
to dissolve his karma or his feeling guilty
and all we need to do is to say YES and take some of our time.

... for Love in our daily life.

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