Love is the key to God
Love is the *fuel* of Kriya Yoga technique

Kriya Yoga - Rules for Diksha
and for a Life as a
Kriya Yogini or Kriya Yogi

Here some basic rules for your path to God while practicing Kriya Yoga

The holy technique of Kriya Yoga shall only be forwarded to others by yourself after experiencing at least one complete God-union during Nirvikalpa Samadhi progressing into Maha Samadhi. You shall receive all Bliss and direct guidance from God to do so by that time. No one else but God could ever allow or withhold you from doing so. By that time only God will be your Guru - even if a physical Guru may have been guiding you on your path to God. To have experience one or multiple Nirvikalpa Samadhi is NO qualification to teach about God or teach Kriya Yoga. Teaching about God shall be done by those having experience full Oneness with God only.

You have been created as a free Child of God - and a free and Divine Child you shall remain - from eternity to eternity - free of any obligation to mankind, organizations, cultures, persons or souls of any kind.

God is Love - Love creates freedom - and this freedom shall be re-established and protected within you as well as all others - all creation.

God and only God will be your true and final Guru on your path of Love to your Divine Home in God while practicing Kriya Yoga. He may send you a physical Guru or may guide you directly - whatever is best, easier and more efficient for you and and all others involved with you. If you have got a physical Guru, then It is your Love to your Guru that opens the door to God. However you shall pray to God only and devote all your being to God - on earth and beyond. In your relationship to God there shall be but pure divine Love in both ways - from and to God - as well as in your relationship to your physical Guru, if you have one.

Kriya Yoga is an extremely mighty "vehicle" on your path to God, but pure Divine Love for God is the only "fuel" to keep the "vehicle" moving safely and efficiently toward your final destination in God.

God is the source of all being, all Love, all creation - God is the source of your soul - of YOU - and shall be your only goal in life.

Focus during your entire spiritual path always on God. Love and honor all mankind on earth and beyond, as well as all other beings, but strive for complete Union with God whatever you do, plan, think or feel.

All is made by God and is kept alive by God. All life is God and God is within all. All life is through God - learn and practice to love all and allow all - all mankind, animals, plants, all creation, physical and beyond - to love you, from the depth of their heart and soul.

Conduct a life in harmony with divine Love. Realize the rules of Yama and Niyama on your path to God. Learn to truly understand and apply these rules while learning to develop Divine Love until you have fully realized to live and project this Divine Love toward absolutely all and any being of any kind.

Purify your physical body and spirit by feeding on fresh, natural and healthy food, pure liquid for drinking and thoughts of Divine Love toward all in all situations of your being.

Conduct a way of life that allows Divine Love to be its main content. Practice in your work, business, recreation and family only activities that you can conduct in full harmony with your innermost truth of Divine Love.

Choose goals in your life that allow you to steadily approach and realize your Divine goal of God-realization = Oneness with God. Dissolve continuously any attachment to anything earthly or material.

Be a conscious guest on this planet. Aware and ready to leave within seconds anything you ever had on earth. Leave all clean and remain completely free at any time and be ready to give all remaining instantly to God by the time you leave.

Be ready to abandon all your possession, property and activities at any time. God will take care of ALL remaining after your departure.

Learn to love in ALL situations of life

May divine Love flow through your hands when you work or touch someone,

through your eyes when you look at someone,

through your words when you talk to someone,

through your mind when you think of someone,

through your heart when you experience emotions for someone,

through your whole physical and spiritual body.

Love is your being - Love is the manifestation of your being - eternally

God is Love - so is your being Love - because YOU are a beloved and Divine Child of God.

Love all those most who appear to make your life most difficult. As it is them who help you most to return to God, by the time you have learned to love them ALL from the depth of your heart and soul.

Thank God and all beings that you ever encountered for all lessons of life that you were allowed to experience and to grow to an adult and Divine Child of God - to become a true and fully God-realized Saint. They all allowed you to experience a variety of different energies - emotions, thoughts and action - to grow into and fully realize your Divine Holiness.

Since God is Love - there is a solution and path of Love to God out of ANY situation of life.

Every and any "problem" CAN be dissolved in Divine Love. Love until you succeed to to all in life with Love and in Love.

Be an guest on earth - angel like - leave but traces of Love behind where ever you may appear.

Turn your physical body into a Divine Temple of God - made of Love - made to love - ALL

Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition