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Definition of soulmates - spiritual meaning of soul mates

The true innermost spiritual meaning of what people on earth call soulmate is the one eternal partner made and given by God. However humans on earth most of the time fail to recognize their soulmate and feel attracted by partners of previous incarnations or by close relatives from previous incarnations.

Any partner of a loving previous incarnation - specially from incarnations in ancient times before mankind descended to the physical plane - may be very attractive and "magic" when met again and therefore often are wrongly considered soulmates.

The one and only true eternal partner is given by God and remains your eternal partner - no matter who your present partner may be. A divine marriage is made by God and of eternal nature. Such eternal marriage is totally different from any physical marriage.

A soulmate can only be recognized with the help of God when having achieved a high level of spiritual development beyond nirbikalpa samadhi in your physical body or latest after God Union - i.e. after maha samadhi. to find each other again while living in a physical body - both partners need to be very spiritual and free of intense karma or strong attachments.

With divine guidance and when beneficial for creation soulmates can be brought together - however as physical humans have ego - their partnership is only little different from "normal" partnership while here on earth.

True soulmates can easily become one at any given time in their light body. Soulmates also can share one physical body for short periods of time and they are blessed with special gifts to support and maintain their divine relationship for the benefit of creation. such divine gifts include special telepathic communication, knowing at any given time the needs of the partner and being a living medicine for the partner.

Soulmates are protected by the omnipresence of God at any given time and all disputes that ever might arise are dissolved and cleared by God directly, instantly and eternally. reunited soul mates - even in their physical body - are permanently linked with their partner and God in a triangular way and have their eternal roots in God.

All divine details will automatically be revealed to both at the given time. When both are ready and spiritually mature to love all and behave in a divine way here on earth as a result of mutual spiritual progress.

Latest when you have achieved oneness with God you will find your soulmate again in God and remain together for the remainder of eternity. Here on earth ego and karma have separated most soul mates and most are separated since very long time and may remain separated until both find their way back to God. the only safe and guaranteed way to find your soul mate is to spiritually progress and return home to God. Kriya Yoga is the most powerful and also most efficient and most loving method to achieve this goal.

The divine teachings of love will guide you most directly toward finding your eternal soulmate.

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