Kutashta is the location of spiritual center of soul within physical body

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Anatomical location of kutashta

Love prayer for all loving hearts

In deep meditation when arriving in nirbikalpa samadhi - all your awareness will be one in kutashta - the center of the soul within the human physical body. Focusing all your mind into kutashta during meditation helps to fully withdraw all lifeforce from distracting senses and direct your complete awareness toward God.

Concentrate on kutashta - the spiritual center of your soul in you physical body - as shown in the following graphic:


When 100% of your lifeforce is withdrawn from your physical body, astral body and causal body into kutashta - then a condition called nirbikalpa samadhi occurs. As proof of proper nirbikalpa samadhi we have complete cessation of breathing followed by a full stop of heart activity. To achieve complete withdrawal of all lifeforce into kutashta - all karma, attachments and fears first need to be dissolved in divine love - the holy science of Kriya Yoga is the complete set of method and techniques to achieve such divine goal on the path of love.

When all lifeforce is withdrawn in full to kutashta - the journey to oneness with God begins using the holy mantram God is Love.

An excellent method to focus on kutashta is the prayer of love

Love prayer for all loving hearts

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