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Spiritual definition of the word freedom

Absolute freedom is divine - God given to ALL mankind !!

Freedom means to be really free and able to do exactly:

God given freedom - given to ALL mankind - means ZERO limits in anything you ever want to do or however you want to do it. Freedom means also to move freely around all planet, free of borders, free of administration, free of visa or other requirements.

Freedom is the result of God's infinite and eternal love - at home in God all will enjoy eternal freedom. Any restriction of freedom is the result of ego only and needs to be dissolved.

Any - even smallest restriction of God given freedom is always against God. All are free by divine birthright - all will be free when ever they decide to return home. At home in God no single person ever can restrict freedom of anyone as freedom is above human laws.

Divine freedom eternally and infinitely is always above all human laws - anyone to select his freedom and making use of his freedom always benefits from God's help, grace and mercy - provided he achieves his freedom with love and only love.

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