Divine Bliss

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Definition of Divine Bliss

The common expression "Divine Bliss" contains 2 sacred words:

Divine means:

Bliss - also used in variations: blessed, blessings - means well-wishes, inner support for something.

Divine Bliss - the combination of above - means:

Blessed by God, with God's blessings, with God's spiritual support.

More precisely - Divine Bliss means:

  1. God is supporting what you do
  2. God is helping you in your work, action, contributions to mankind or creation
  3. God is supporting you in your creativity and in your productivity
  4. God will coordinate all your efforts toward your goal with other resources willing to support your work and efforts
  5. God will arrange all outside help as much as possible
  6. God will coordinate all meetings other people as needed as far as possible
  7. God will inspire those willing to accept God's inspiration to create new ideas, new services, new products, new inventions to support your own divine efforts in helping all creation.

A practical approach to explain Divine Bliss

A more practical definition and explanation of the true innermost meaning and effect of Divine Bliss or blessed by God may be a comparison with a cyclist. Normal cycling goes uphill, flat or downhill. Either way a strong wind from behind will push you and hence support your own efforts to achieve your goal. While a wind from side or front may act against your own efforts, destabilize you and may require additional efforts from you to achieve your goal.

With God's blessing all your work, life and efforts are easier and pleasant all the way. You feel God's blessings as a direct support to always be at the right time at the right place, to always meet the right persons at the right time, to find what you need to achieve your goals. God's bliss also can protects you, God's bliss keeps those away from you who want to make your life miserable or difficult.

God's bliss - Divine Bliss - makes sure you receive what you want and need as the most loving lessons of life, for a successful and pleasant completion of your work for God, for the most loving path home to God - our eternal home, for the most successful job you do for the benefit of all mankind and all creation.

Who receives Divine Bliss - how much Divine Bliss can you receive

How much Divine Bliss you can receive depends only on you. You are the one to decide what you do an dhow you do what you do. You are the one to decide whether you work for the benefit of all mankind and all creation or only for the benefit of a limited number of persons or a part of creation while excluding another part of creation for whatever reason and by whatever means.

You are the one to decide to learn to truly love or to practice selfish love. Your decide if and when you learn to understand the meaning of true love and how to truly love by means of really progressing spiritually or by delaying your progress while focusing on selfish goals like career, money making or even revenge or punishment toward others.

A life without God's bliss is like a life without sunshine - it is up to you to get yourself into the sunshine of God's divine bliss by adapting your own life style in harmony with God's love - to become God-like yourself first.

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