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Definition of death

Loss of spiritual control over physical body. Always combined with a shift of awareness from the physical plane to a metaphysical - in most cases astral plane, sometimes higher dimension depending on spiritual awareness of "death" as a result of his spiritual development.

Each death is a possible step toward freedom in God - depending on remaining attachments and readiness to learn to love all in all situations.

Reason for death

different reasons depending on spiritual situation of each individual person:

  1. as a result of accumulation of karma, mistakes or destructive action against creation the sum of vector forces cause loss of control over physical body. this type hence includes all accidents, illnesses and even suicide - last is just a total loss of control over the self-made karma.
  2. as a result of accomplished spiritual lessons in a particular environment
  3. as a result of accomplished spiritual task or plan on earth. this type may occur at any age
  4. as a result of Maha Samadhi - only possible by free souls as a result of direct personal spiritual efforts and progress.
  5. as a result of God's graceful freeing of a soul in distress - may occur at any age in any situation including illness, most often as as a result of detachment from all physical persons and inner peace with all - after intense preparatory prayers and after surrendering ALL to God !

Kinds of death

different ways to die depending on spiritual progress and achievement before death:

  1. sudden death - any cause - without any prior preparation or warning
  2. more matured souls often "sleep away" peacefully after consciously having cleaned up their life
  3. peacefully and consciously drifting away - out of physical body - into higher spheres - or even home to God
  4. people with any missing TRUE spirituality developed may have a severe fight for death after long lasting battle with pains and illnesses - finally losing control of physical body. this most of the time is caused by unsolved attachments to material world, material belongings, unsolved heritage, unsolved problems with others.
  5. soul's loss of control over physical body while body remains alive but without soul living inside body - empty bodies
  6. the ultimate way is a peaceful and fully conscious abandoning of physical body in full union and harmony with God as a result of most intense spiritual preparation and a life of love and services of love in the name of God.

Results of death

various results can be resulting from death - such as:

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