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Definition of Avatar - Spiritual meaning and purpose of avatar

The title Avatar describes a fully freed soul incarnating directly from God on this physical planet or elsewhere. An Avatar fulfills a highly spiritual task in the name of God and returns to God after accomplishing his task. His Love for God and his creation is beyond description and imagination, his faith in God absolute as there is no difference between an Avatar and God.

Avatars are rarely in populated areas and prefer to act in a quiet retreat to peacefully fulfill their task. One of their task often is to teach guru's or potential Gurus, to assure the continuity of God's Divine plan in his creation.

There are but a very few avatars at the same time incarnated - usually only one. There are no Avatar-courses or Avatar-workshops, these are inventions of mankind's fantasy and desire to abuse even the most sacred values for profit.

An Avatar always learns from God and never has any other Guru. Only God can be his Guru.

Purpose of an Avatar

By his nature an Avatar leads an entire culture home to God while a Guru leads a number of individual disciples to God.

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