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Ashrams are a many thousand year old tradition in India and nowadays spread all over the world. While most of the persons running an Ashram outside India are Gurus from India or their direct disciples - an Ashram can be conducted by any person of any gender and any race, religion and culture if that person is a true Guru serving but God.

The word Ashram describes a house where a true Guru is living and teaching God-seekers seeking spiritual advice and help. An Ashram always is free of any religion and open to absolutely ALL. Traditionally most Ashrams accommodate the Guru only, however some Ashrams also offer accommodation for visitors - even longtime visitors staying for months or years or permanently living in an Ashram similar to the tradition in Christian Monasteries. Some Ashrams consist but of a tiny small hut or cave of a few square meter - usually marked with a red flag to be recognized by God-seekers.

True traditional Ashram never charge for their services but always serve on a basis of free donations for any spiritual service to make spiritual services available to even the poorest of all children of God.

An Ashram can be as little as a small cave in the mountains, a bamboo hut in the tropics or as huge as a temple or monastery - Ashram is where Guru lives ! That is the key point when searching for Guru or an Ashram or visiting an Ashram. A house without Guru never can be called Ashram - even if that applies to many such modern houses nowadays. To be Guru and to have an Ashram is a divine activity beyond material world and material dependencies. Guru in an Ashram serves the purpose of God and no one else. God is Love - hence Guru and Ashram serve the purpose of love. The only goal of Guru in an Ashram is to provide the environment for a spiritual retreat to offer the best possible environment in preparation to achieve oneness with God or God-realization.

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