Your contributions and donations

The previous online versions of the complete teachings of love and Kriya Yoga techniques have been financed mostly by my personal revenue and a small share by donations. As of now - i.e. after May 17th, 2012 - the full financing of the free distribution by Bittorrent is your sole responsibility. Donate and dedicate your entire life to loving and caring humanitarian causes as your major contribution to God and as a major means to assure your most loving return home to God and donate a substantial percentage of your honestly earned personal revenue to help poor and needy ones beyond your own family.

For a very limited time you may find a small online version of the previous Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love with a very few pages intended to ease and organize the free Bittorrent distribution of the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition". If you wish to contribute, you find the details on the pages of The "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" will survive and live on far beyond my own time on earth and your true contributions only can be made as above, mainly:

Love all
forgive all
reconcile with all
share all you have with all
being helpful and useful for all as a gift to God.

And also by using your own resources and connections to share the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" as complete file Spiritual_Treasures.tar.bz2 by Bittorrent and any other legal means for as long as you enjoy and use part of the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" yourself, at your own expenses and free to all world.

"Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition"
on a storage device or for download

My lifetime project is successfully completed and is converted into a complete OFFLINE version "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" and available as download file by Bittorrent file sharing.
After the conversion is successfully completed, you may find download details on the
Facebook page Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love

Search Internet for download of original files:

And you may as well find sources of legal and correct original Spiritual_Treasures.tar.bz2 files by using traditional search engines.

Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition