Love is the truth of God - Love is his eternal being
Love is mankind's innermost truth - because YOU are a child of God made to his image

I love hearts - I love "Love",

because God is Love

I love God.

My life is devoted to God and Love

And a heart devoted to God - also is devoted to all those of you wanting to return home ...

Hans Neukomm
My Contact-Information:

if you wish to receive direct guidance or personal initiation you are kindly invited to mail just days before you leave for the most current detailed address by email. More details can be found on the "what's new" page.

Whenever you need help - please study, understand practice ALL Cyberspace Ashram's texts and spiritual teachings from the very beginning through the end and you reach a point where you find ALL spiritually important additional answers within you - from God !

God is Love - practice the teachings of love and Kriya Yoga - to free your self from imprisonment on earth

God is my Home and God's Divine creation my Ashram, on this planet I am but a visitor. Visiting places where God guides me to or where I am invited by God or help-seeking beloved souls, helping lost Children of God, needy or ill people or teach about God's Divine Love, Kriya Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga and principles of God's creation and spiritual laws is the sole content of my present incarnation.

Helping mankind to find their way back home to God on a path of Love is the main purpose of this incarnation.

Having experienced repeated God-Union,

"God is Love"

is the single most important message I have for you.
You may use this three words even as a very powerful Mantram.

all the light God is sending you is to free you in Love

solve any and all situations with Divine Love

call for Divine assistance from God whenever you need help

open yourself for all Divine Love and Bliss God is sending you continuously

serve God by serving his lost and needy children in his creation

share what you have with all those who have little or nothing

make other people happy everywhere and you'll be happy anywhere

l Love all people everyday and you'll be loved any day

Learn to love and learn to heal like a Divine Child of God

help others to find their way home to God,

because we all are one single Divine Family in God

Learn all the spiritual lessons now that life offers you

and be ready any day to follow God's invitation to join him

limit your belongings to what you can carry on your body

and what you need to do your work serving God

posses as much property of land as you can personally handle

own as much housing as you and your family can live in at one time

never loan money to others,

if you have more than you need for the next few days or weeks,

share it with those in need

share all your material belongings that you have in excess

of what you actually use and need these days and weeks with those in need

love every single being on this planet and beyond

and open yourself for all Divine Bliss and Love coming

from God directly or through his Divine Children and his creation

remember during your last journey:

God is Love

God is grace

God is mercy

God is beyond any manifestation of form or color

God is beyond all Saints, Angels, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, ...

oneness with God is being one without a second

God's almighty Divine Love will uplift you until you are one with God,

if you keep all your attention focused on God's Divine Love

be free

be Divine

Love is the truth of your Divine Being,

because Love is the truth of God

from eternity to eternity God will continue to send you a light of Love - to free your hearts and souls, to heal all your wounds

I love you from the depth of my heart,

from the depth of my soul

with all the strength and power God gave this soul


God always has been Love - and always has been but loving you - whatever you made

Author of the

Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga and divine Love