Salt fields - Kampot, Cambodia

Salt fields Kampot - Cambodia
Kampot has some 1000+ hectares of salt fields

A life without salt is like a life without sugar or like life without love - tasteless. Salt comes from ... the supermarket for most. But in reality salt either comes from salt mines or from ocean salt producing salt fields. While in other countries often salt is harvested on rocky bottom. The salt fields of Kampot have clay bottom. Hence to harvest salt a lot of preparation and clean careful work is needed.

The purpose of this multi-page introduction to the salt production of Cambodia salt fields shall help you to may be appreciate salt more and to understand how much effort, loving care and work is involved in getting the few grams of daily salt onto your table. I also hope that you may appreciate your daily salt more and understand the true value of salt by wasting less or no salt. The value of salt is never measured in dollars or Euro, but in the love and efforts those women working in the Kampot salt fields invest into your wellbeing and pleasure of enjoying delicious, well seasoned gourmet food. Besides the essential health value of salt, salt in itself is priceless. Meals without salt, is like cakes without sugar.

Below photos show the salt field preparation before salt harvest. A brief introduction to salt production in Cambodia with photos from Kampot salt fields. The salt production intro is divided into 4 pages.

  1. This page further below - preparation of salt fields for salt production
  2. Growing salt crystals
  3. Salt harvest
  4. Children working in salt fields

Salt field preparation

Fields need to be prepared each time before flooding again with salty ocean water. First the fields are cleaned and hardened to get a smooth surface for easier harvesting. Without clean smooth surface of the clay bottom of each salt field, the harvest would result in dirty salt containing clay. The art of salt production here in Kampot is to create a smooth solid surface of clay that allows a clean harvest of salt crystals. In later pages you'll see that the harvested salt is clean white - proof of a perfect job by the salt worker.

All salt production is done without any machines - all manual work by humans, mostly women.

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Empty salt fields of Kampot
Empty salt fields of Kampot
Hardening the clay
Hardening the clay
preparation of salt fields
Careful preparation of salt fields
Salt fields Kampot
Before flooding the fields with ocean water
Clean ocean water fills the salt fields
Clean ocean water fills the salt fields
Salt needs time to crystallize
Salt needs time to crystallize
fields need care
And salt fields need care to be clean and productive

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