Kampot river and water scenery

Kampot is a provincial town with river and lots of water, near ocean. Hence one of the center spots in life and work of all people here is fishing and all around water. Water as a main resource for food and life plays an essential role in all Cambodia.

The nearby ocean, saltwater flooding the salt fields and the river being exposed to tide - high tide / low tide joint with the ocean host a special vegetation and creates unique sceneries and nature views.

The river in Kampot is rather turbid and dirty, nothing to invite for a bath or any kind of water sport at all. The river is a working and living environment, no recreation. Fishermen going to sea each day have their boats secured upriver. Limited fish life attracts a few fishermen to catch a fish as food supplement. The main fishing always takes place in the ocean - some 5 km from Kampot center.

The entire Kampot photo series will include several pages with lots of photos about:

  1. Kampot photos
  2. Kampot streets
  3. Kampot nature
  4. Kampot river side - this page
  5. Kampot sunset up-river with beautiful vegetation to the waterfalls / rapids
  6. Sunset boat trip downriver to the ocean
  7. Salt fields of Kampot
  8. Pepper plantation

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mangroves scenery
mangroves scenery
River fisher boat
River fisher boat
Hundreds of sq km of mangroves
Hundreds of sq km of mangroves and other maritime vegetation
Beautiful maritime vegetation
Beautiful maritime vegetation - but dirty water
Mangrove scenery
Mangrove scenery
Mangrove scenery near salt fields
Mangrove scenery near salt fields
Fishing village
Fishing village on other side of river
Riverside near Kampot center
Riverside near Kampot center
Fisher village
Fisher village - home of many seagoing fishermen
fishermen homes are most simple
All fishermen homes are most simple - fishing products are like farm products totally underpaid
Fishing in river
Fishing in river is no sport here but a need to supplement food for family
river scenery
At times without sunlight the river scenery can appear quite dark and colorless
River promenade Kampot
River promenade Kampot - while for to majority of all people even most basic things of life lack, administration invests heavily in superficial projects like this promenade.
snacks and fruit juice
Food stall with snacks and fruit juice
old trees have been destroyed
Here 8 huge old trees have been destroyed for this river promenade
nature destruction
Such nature destruction results from lack of understanding and lack of appreciation for nature above profits
Boats waiting for passengers
Boats waiting for passengers on daily sunset trips near center
River boat for sunset trips
River boat for sunset trips
Rich house across river
Rich house across river - richest and poorest side by side

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