The little farm house

The little farm house in Siem Reap, Cambodia. During my previous visit in January 2009 to the nearby lotus pond, I saw the farmer. Working hard to maintain small but clean farm. Too little to progress in life, but enough for bare survival in a most simple life. A poor but hard working farmer cares for his little house to maintain a small farm. During dry season already the farmland was producing vegetables. Now many months later already a few months into the rainy season, all his land is green and blossoming.

Lili pond
Beautiful lily pond nearby

This little farm house example shows that no matter how poor you are or how small your property may be, there always is a way to survive if you work hard enough. Rather than wasting your life begging on the streets, work harder and progress even in smallest steps until all your life is out of misery.

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small farm house
Small farm house in January 2009
Farmer's daughter cutting grass
Farmer's daughter cutting grass. It's hot and yet the farmer girls works to add to the family income.
Roofing grass
The grass is used as simple roofing material. Sold to earn small additional income or used for own hut.
God's heart
God's love gives you the power to work and remain honest even under the most difficult situations in life.
Small farm house during rainy season
Now in July 2009, months into rainy season, I went back to the nearby lotus pond and missed the house. The small farm house is completely covered with blossoming wine producing vegetables and at the same time giving some cooling shadow to the house.
Farm house covered by wine
Farm house covered by wine. Totally hidden is the small farmers home. May be 3x3 meters. A wall only toward the nearby main road. Both sides are open. Just a simple roof to protect from rain. Yet the farmer seems happy and never begs nor complains. Today was little Christmas time for the farmer - God always rewards the hard and honest working ones.
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