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Photos tell you more than words. Thus I shall emphasize on a growing number of photos from all parts of the Kingdom of Cambodia. I love nature and the people of Cambodia since a very long time, hence I will serve you plentiful of beautiful sceneries of Cambodia's exotic beauty.

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Kingdom of Cambodia Photos

An album with some of the most beautiful pictures of the Kingdom of Cambodia. All high resolution photos can be sent as free eCards and many photos also can be used as wallpapers.

Lotus and water lilies of Cambodia

Cambodia is the Kingdom of lotus flowers. Used to eat, as offerings to Buddha or simply for its beauty as decorative flower. I love the beauty and sweet fragrance of Cambodian lotus and thus you find a growing collection of Lotus and water lily photos in a photo album of its own. Lotus lovers will enjoy my new collection Lotus wallpaper.

Travel in Cambodia is easy

Travel to and within Cambodia is easy. The people of Cambodia are most caring for visitors. To explore the beauty of this exotic Kingdom, time and love is needed. Life is natural and very tropical. Tropical means hot - hot and wet or hot and dry, depending on the season you chose. Rainy season starts around summer time - May - and ends late fall - October/November. Rainy season has sunny hours in the morning and heavy rain in afternoons. Dry season often has no rain at all for many weeks or months and thus all nature gets soon dry and dusty.

Travel is by air, by well organized and comfortable bus, mini-bus, Tuk Tuk, rent a motor cycle. In some parts of the Kingdom rental motor cycles available to tourists in others NOT available. Or rent a bicycle and be your own engine. Along the coast you find boats of various sizes to bring you to islands or along the few long and mostly white beaches of the Kingdom.

Travel itself is very affordable so are all hotels and guest houses in Cambodia. Hence Cambodia also is an ideal destination for retirees.


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