Angels of love

Father always watches and guides his son - with Angels of  Love

Many years again and again different people have asked questions about my life. In 2000 I already started this text with many dozens of pages - but the one and a half years without computer made it all lost and also made it a second priority after all the spiritual texts and teachings needed first. There was never time for personal things - too many spiritual texts needed first to be written for the benefit of you and all. Now there is some time and hence I restart again - in different style than actually started in 2000 - just excerpts - experiences here and there from various parts of my life.

Angels of love guided me through life
Angels of love guided by God

The essence of all is the teachings of love you find in the below list to main sections of my web site
the Cyberspace Ashram

The single most important for YOU is to learn the lessons and practice all lessons given to you in the main sections of the Cyberspace Ashram - these below lessons help you to regain freedom in God on a path of love.

Angels of love - with Angel love
guided by God - with God's love
guided me through life with love
to learn to love and become one with love - to be love

- all those lessons above published first are the true, direct and complete key of love to God. Nothing else is needed.

Every part or my life made sense - every lesson I learned, every school I visited, every job I learned, every qualified or non-qualified job I did makes sense to me now and almost every person I ever met gave a deep and important sense to my spiritual development.

Angels of love are mostly found among the poorest on earth

Angels of Love - made to Love and guide you with Love home to God Angels of Love - made to love

Growing up among the poorest ones in my native country - Switzerland - I spent years among the rich and mighty ones during many jobs and visits abroad, leading me through some 40 countries on 4 continents to finally share the remainder of my life with both - the rich ones - YOU - and the poor ones HERE in my present country of residence where I meet all from both worlds with the help and guidance from my father - God.

Much later in my life I realized that despite all the tough experiences around me - which made me even more hungry for love and more ready to love - I always was surrounded by angels of love compensating and healing all the damage that has been made by others to me. Hence I never really had any damage left - even after the worst of all crashes or experiences or adventures !!! ALL has been healed in divine love by God when I achieved again oneness with my father many years ago as a result of most intense and most loving practice Kriya Yoga also known in many countries as the "Secret teachings of Jesus" because it has been invented by Jesus with the help of his father and brought to you or refreshed by him several times using different bodies ( different past incarnations ).

If love is the reason - to learn to love the purpose of life - then enter the door if love to "Angels of Love"

Find inspiration and learn to understand why growing up in simple and sometimes tough life and environment may be much more loving than to be a son of millionaires !

The section "Angels of love" hence is a very private section about my personal life and experiences here on earth - about the many experiences during the more than 50 years of living, adventure, working and traveling in some 40 countries on this planet - experiences that have been part of a divine plan leading to the power of love within helping me to reunite with my father without the help of any physical sources.

If Love is the only reason

Then come and let me take You home
with Angel love - guided by God

Start where I started - learn what I learned - its all yours
then come home with me - home to God
the key is always your Love and the door is the heart !!!

My love for you will uplift you home to God

Love and bliss


Angels of Love