Spiritual comments on history and political happenings


all happens for a precise divine reason. all wars, all disaster, all conflicts - including such happenings as September 11th 2001, or Vietnam war and other conflicts. disaster of many different kind happen again and again - all these disasters of any kind happen very precisely according to the Law of Karma- for ONE sole reason: mankind failed to learn from past !

a long time ago started started to neglect the first and great commandment of love. mankind started retaliation, revenge, punishment, rejection, suppression of minorities, exploitation of weak ones, financial gain on behalf of less "intelligent" ones and more. all such misbehavior on all levels of politics and industry as well as among largest circles of population is the direct result of separation from God and the development of EGO.

Most people - specially politicians and military - but also others - may disbelief the law of karma or even think to be stronger than God - stronger than the law of karma. People hope to escape the law of karma and attempt to make their own laws - laws that are much or totally opposite of the first and great commandment of LOVE - -the ONLY most important law coming from God.

Love ALL and allow ALL to love YOU

That is what God teaches you in the first and great commandment of love and this law of God's infinite and eternal love has been brought to you millions of years ago - a very long time before most of you ever had a physical body. This law has been made know to ALL of you many times ! to ALL !!!

All those who followed and applied this law of love in ALL situations of their life have mostly returned home to God. all those however who rejected to learn or apply LOVE in all and absolutely every situation of life are still here or in astral spheres or other spheres of low vibration and limited love.

In the following chapters I will comment on a few major incidents, disasters and happenings of recent or present time to make you better understand why things happen and to help you to understand the complexity of human life on earth and support you in avoiding any action of violence. to understand the true cause and true nature of present political and industrial activities will help you to learn the importance of LOVE in all and every situation.

May God bless you and enlighten your spirit to give you the strength of your divine heart and clear view of the absolute point of view to support all your efforts to realize solutions of love in all situations of life - for eternity !

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